About Us

Amanda is clearly the coolest of the three, having lived in Brooklyn (but not Williamsburg). She is known for her love of Mrs. Meyers products, and, despite her borderline fear of cheese, is married to a cheesemonger. Her talent for crafting words is as equally impressive as her effortless good looks and supercool tattoo. Amanda has introduced us to everything that is good, including Thai food, St. Germain and Arrested Development.

Laura is charming and witty, with a heart of gold and an eye for detail. Whether she's letterpressing, designing a magazine or baking a cake, she does it with grace. She finds beauty in everything—whether it's a vase of flowers or something sparkly at Target. She's a world traveler and has more Skymiles than most people who aren't consultants. Also, one time in high school, she had whooping cough.

Katie is the kind of gal that will send you a real, hand-written note in the mail with a personalized 42-cent stamp just 'cuz. Lover of puppies, Pimms and letterpress, she has a knack for bringing people together, as she is the instigator of this blog, our letterpress shop (The Kitchen Press), and a super popular book club. She has a puppy lamb/baby bear/labradoodle named Stella who is on a mission to eat everything in her apartment—including the walls.


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