Go to there: Verde Taqueria

There are a few restaurants that I could imagine eating at every single day. Fortunately/unfortunately one is within (almost) walking distance of my apartment: Verde Taqueria.

Verde has become a great go-to place for group gatherings and last minute dinner plans. Their menu consists of delicious taqueria things, including guac, queso and salsa, quesadillas, and lots and lots of tacos of course. oh, and the best margarita you'll ever have.

[House marg with a "trio" in the background.]

Highlights: the "trio" to start, which includes salsa, queso and guac. And, of course, the margaritas. They offer a Texas version and a skinny version among others--but I can't NOT order the House. and, I found out only recently, house margs are only $4 on Mondays! This is going to be a real problem/amazingness.

I've really liked all of the tacos I've tried but my favorite is the pesto chicken: panko-fried chicken with pesto, roasted red peppers and mozzarella. It's one of 18 specials that rotate weekly, including a shrimp & grits taco that is to die for! My favorite from the regular menu is the fried chicken: panko-fried chicken with lettuce, diced tomatoes, bacon and chipotle sauce.

[top: fried chicken. bottom: special, carolina bbq.]

[top: veggie. bottom: ground beef.]

[top: short rib. bottom: buffalo tofu.]

Hope you Eaters get a chance to check out either the Brookhaven or the Westside location! Especially on a Monday for those $4 margs!



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