Cooking hack: Passion Tea Lemonade

I came down with a delightful case of tonsillitis this week, and when the doc said I need to hydrate, all I wanted was Starbucks' Passion Tea Lemonade 24-7. I did the math and decided that plan would completely wreck my Starbucks budget for the month, so I did what any good Happy Eater would do: DIY PTL.

It's actually stupid easy.

I boiled one tea kettle worth of hot water.

Put 6 Tazo Passion Tea bags in a pitcher.

Add some honey (for some reason, I count to 12? This is not technically a measurement, but it seems good to me.)

Pour the water in and let it steep for a long while -- maybe 5-8 minutes? The nice thing about the Passion tea is it never gets bitter, just delicious. So don't feel guilty if you forget about it while you pick up the hairbrush bristles your labradoodle scattered all around your bedroom as a "welcome home from work" gesture. Er-- I guess that was just me.

Add ice and set the pitcher in the fridge to cool off.

When you're ready for a glass, pour half lemonade and half passion tea in your glass and enjoy.

Homemade Passion Tea Lemonade. Good for the tonsils, good for by the pool, good for the wallet.

Happy drinking, eaters.


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