New shoes

Let's be real. Everyone needs a new pair of shoes, but they don't really need that pair of shoes.

Well, this is kind of the same. We got ourselves a new shmancy design. I'm pretty much in love with it.

It makes me want to pull myself up out of the feeling-bad-about-myself mode (winter, husband traveling, crazy neighbors) and get back on the learning to cook bandwagon!

All this just in time for Thanksgiving! And Christmas! Win-win-win.

So roll up your sleeves -- let's cook.


  1. Love the new design - excited about the cooking!! Do any of y'all have a fab chili recipe you can vouch for? All I wanna do is eat chili and baked potatoes until it's warm outside again. [Which reminds me of the time I saw Kevin Kleine at a chili cook-off but he couldn't speak to me because he had just tried the spiciest chili available and, as a result, had to find a bottle of water... pronto. Haha.]

    1. Hey Emma! Amanda shared this chili recipe with me a while back, and it's now my favorite too: It's delicious on anything, but we recently had it on fries and hot dogs during the World Series :)


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