In a pinch: Southern Fried Chicken Salad

Another week-night dinner dilemma was upon us. Empty fridge, empty bellies, approaching hanger... And the I remembered one of my favorite things my mom would make for us:

Salad with fried chicken on top! ('Merica.) 

All you need is some leafy greens (I prefer green leaf lettuce), shredded carrots, shredded cheese, other veggies you want on the salad, and of course- fried chicken. I grabbed some tenders from Publix, but it really doesn't matter. Just choose your favorite / closest fried chicken joint and grab you some.

I also really like making homemade honey mustard dressing. Do it. Then you can say you made the dressing yourself and everyone will think you're a classically trained gourmet chef. 

For the dressing:
Equal parts mayo and yellow mustard and then add honey to taste. (I usually go for about twice as much honey as the mayo) and then go from there. 

And, voila! 

Dinner with time to spare to make those carrot cupcakes AND watch Life of Pi. For the win. 

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