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So I found these things... 

1. This beautiful Measuring Guide by 9th Letter Press. Lovely, practical and letterpressed! Yes, please.

2. A pizza stone. Ok, so I didn't exactly just find it: this was one of my most favorite wedding gifts (thanks, Amy & Justin!) and I really love it. I'm not sure that I've completely tapped into its full potential, but it makes pizza (even frozen) super fantastic. Vasily wants to try cookies... Stay tuned. 

3. I can't wait for Michael Pollan's new book "Cooked" to come out! April 23 is the expected release date! 

4. This shop - Harvest Haversack- has the cutest eco-friendly kitchen accessories. 

And if this week has been a complete doozy, this should at least hold you over til quittin' time.

Have a great weekend! Happy Eating! 

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